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Advice – Moving and Carpet

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Two common areas where you can easily get ripped.

Two area where people are constantly cheated are when moving and buying carpet.

There is no real relationship between these two issues, but every person will address one or both in their live times, and often, more than once.

They’re are unusual enough, however, that without a proper understanding, you easily set yourself up for getting cheated. They’re both high cost items with a number of moving parts that are not commonly known.

The following two articles are both right on solid recommendations and are written by industry veterans who only wish to help. I profit not from either. I did, however, use both and found the result pleasantly correct. It’s nice not to be cheated.

Buying Carpet

The article for solid advise on buying carpet is here.


The article for solid advice on moving is here.


Hopefully this helps, it did me.